Appleton Roebuck and Acaster Selby Parish Council.

The Council is comprised of 7 Councillors from the Parish of Appleton Roebuck and 1 Councillor from the Parish of Acaster Selby . Whilst these two Parishes are separate entities, the combined Parish Council acts as one for both Parishes.

We are the bottom and most local tier of Local Government, representing the voice of Parishioners. Our powers and activities are defined and controlled by Legislation relating to Councils in general. Funding is via a ‘Precept’ on the Domestic Council Tax, grants available from time to time from various organisations (usually for a particular project), and income generated from activities such as hire charges from the Parish Rooms.

The Parish Council, amongst other activities:

  • Is a statutory consultee on planning applications;
  • Has produced a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Parishioners, to represent their Planning views;
  • Maintains village open areas cutting hedges and grass;
  • Provides and maintains street lighting;
  • Maintains the Parish Rooms;
  • Provides and maintains the Parish Burial Ground;
  • Supports local organisations, and events, providing funding where applicable;
  • Consults other bodies on local issues, such as flood defences and, local drainage issues;
  • Makes representation to Central Government, and other Local Authorities on local issues.


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