The fees are reviewed annually. The current level of fees came into force 0n 6th January and have remained unchanged since then.


1. Purchase of grave spaces.

For the exclusive right of a burial for a period of 50 years or continuation thereof from the Deed of Grant:

a) In an earthen Grave Plot                                                                                                                   £300.00

b) Of ashes in an earthen cremation plot                                                                                           £240.00

2. Interments.

The figures quoted do not include the digging of the grave.

For interment in a purchased or reserved grave:

a) Of the body of a child whose age at the time of death did not exceed 12 years                     £90.00

b) Of the body of a person whose age at the time of death exceeded 12 years                            £290.00

c) Of cremated remains in a grave or cremation plot                                                                      £90.00

d) To scatter remains in the grounds                                                                                                  £30.00

3. Headstones, memorials an inscriptions.

For the right to erect or place on a grave in respect of which the exclusive right of burial has been granted:

a) Headstones                                                                                                                                           £140.00

b) A memorial on a cremation plot                                                                                                      £90.00

c) Each additional inscription after the first                                                                                      £50.00

d) Replacement stones and memorials                                                                                               no charge.

4. Searches.

Searches of Burial records.                                                                                                                    no charge.

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