Council Meetings

The Parish Council Meets on the first Wednesday of each month except August at 7-30 p.m. in the Parish Rooms. These meetings are to discuss and decide upon the general business of the Council, including such matters as planning consultations.

In addition there is an annual meeting, usually at 7-00 p.m. on the first Wednesday in May to elect the Chairman etc. (this date may alter in election years to comply with legal requirements). This meeting is then followed by the ordinary meeting at 7-30.

Where urgent matters need to be decided before the next scheduled meeting (usually planning consultations), an extraordinary meeting may be called by the Chairman.

The Agendas are placed on the website and the notice boards in Appleton Roebuck and Acaster Selby 3 clear days before the meeting.

Use the tool bar menu to view Agendas and Minutes in relation to the above Council Meetings.

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